Best Fall Nail Polish Colors – Fall Nail Design Ideas

With summer on its way out, your mind is probably switching gears to a darker, more autumnal color palette and this includes your nails! The best fall nail polish colors often take inspiration from nature and the many reds, oranges and yellows from trees saying goodbye to their summer folliage. The autumn season also includes social events such as Halloween, so expect to see some fall nail design ideas including orange pumpkins, ghosts or even an always classic vampy black manicure.

But autumn nail polish colors not always mean “dark, red and leafy”, there are many other hues in this palette that will work great with your colder weather clothes. Light browns, dusty greens and even white match the mood of the season perfectly. And some classics, such as nude nail polish, work all year around. If you want a palette that will carry you until the glittery start of the winter nail polish season, keep reading for our top picks and inspiration.

Save Best fall nail polish colors on Pinterest!
Save Best fall nail polish colors on Pinterest!

Burnt Orange Nail Polish

Few fall nail design ideas will not include some sort of burnt orange or pumpkin nail polish, and it’s for a very good reason! This shade suits warmer skintones best, and its versatility makes it one of the best fall nail polish colors to invest in. From a burnt orange french manicure to black and pumpkin Halloween nail art, a bottle of orange nail polish is a must have for fall.

For some fall nail design ideas, take a look at Halloween and Thanksgiving inspiration. If doing autumn nail designs by hand seems too challenging, keep in mind there are many fall nail stamping plates that can get you a similar result with a fraction of the artistic skill requirements.

Green Fall Nail Polish

A dark and earthy green nail polish is always a good choice for the Autumn season. Go for warmer and duskier shades instead of the blue greens which may feel too wintery when there is no snow in sight yet.

Teal Manicure Ideas For Fall

If you are not ready to let go of summery turquoise hues, give its darker relative teal a try. Teal goes well with most skintones as you can find both warmer and cooler versions. It’s also a great color combined with some of the other best nail polish colors for fall such as orange, green or grey.

Dark Red / Bordeaux Nail Color For Fall

Deep red nail polish is a classic all year around, but it works specially well when the mood strikes for darker, richer tones and to me that means Autumn. Deep red and wine nail polish hues work great with orange and darker green colors, either as part of more complex autumn nail designs or as an accent finger. They are also office appropriate in many contexts and as a classic nail polish it goes with most outfits. 

Berry and Plum Fall Nail Art Designs

For most people, a plum or berry nail polish is an autumn/winter staple. This is one of the most versatile fall nail polish colors and will also suit during the winter season. Plum rich hues work great with green and orange for fall nail designs, but also on their own or combined with gold, white and silver for a more wintery take on the best autumn manicures. A must have in your nail polish collection. If you want more impact, choose a metallic or glittery version!

Dusty Pink / Smoky Lilac Autumn Nail Art

If you are not a fan of darker hues, this dusty pink is totally on trend and one of the best fall nail polish colors and on the lighter side. Smoky lilac is going to be everywhere this season and suits all skintones, but it makes a bigger statement on darker skins.

Black Nail Polish For Autumn

Darker days and Halloween makes black nail polish very popular, both on its own and combined with other fall nail polish classics such as red, gold or orange. Black is a perfect base for other nail art, but also works great on its own. We have an extensive list of black nail designs inspiration on the site, but consider the following examples worthy of Fall inspiration.

Nude Nail Polish For Fall

Nude colors (whatever is the best nude polish for your skintone) are a staple on any nail polish wardrobe, and they are an ever popular choice for Fall manicures. Classy and understated, they suit all skin tones and depths from cool to warm. Combine with gold for fall appropriate nail art, or add a touch of orange for some autumn nail designs that still feel grown up and office friendly.

Grey and Silver Fall Nail Designs

Grey, slate and silver are classic neutrals and suit the darker days of Autumn perfectly, reminding us of cozy evenings and cloudy skies followed by those first frosty mornings. While they are very popular colors all year around, darker greys are more popular than ever on fall and winter.

Brown Manicure Ideas for Fall

Brown and yellow are also colors that immediately remind us of Autumn, and so will be present in any list of manicure ideas for fall. You can try this trend with a tortoiseshell manicure with some stamped autumn leaves for example. Or keep it simpler with hand drawn autumn motifs on a brown base.

What are the best fall nail polish colors in your opinion? Which autumn nail designs are you planning to try this season? Tell us in the comments!